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Nothing makes a parent happier than the birth of their child. It's such an incredible milestone to reach in your life. As you know, when people decide to become parents, it's because they want the best life for their children.

Birth Injury

Through no fault of the parent or child, complications can happen at birth. For the most part, they happen due to other factors. However, from time to time, they could be the direct result of mistakes made by the doctors, nurses, and other staff involved in labor or birthing process as well as the care provided shortly after. If you suspect this is the cause of your child's birth injury, contact the Biscontini Law Firm immediately.

Birth Injury Lawyer

Pennsylvania Birth Injury Attorney

As a Pennsylvania birth injury attorney who comes across birth injury cases, we understand how important the life of children is. Still, that makes it very important to make sure those around our child are safe for them. When employees of medical-based professions make mistakes, they could harm your child. Here are some of the more common types of Birth Injuries:


  • Permanent Brain Damage
  • Fractures of Bones (clavicle fracturing is the most common birth injury)
  • Bruising to the Head & Face
  • The brachial plexus injury is when nerves are stretched and damaged 


Unfortunately, these injuries could either be an unavoidable circumstance, or it could even be something you can attribute to medical malpractice. A study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a list of the most common birth injuries (as previously mentioned) that may be due to medical negligence.

Birth Injury Lawyer in Pennsylvania

So, we've established that the injury happened. Now, we need to show that the reason for the injury was due to negligence. In order for your birth injury case to go through, we need to convince the judge that the following occurred:

The Medical Care Provider Owes a Duty to the Child

Whenever you enter a facility like a doctor's office, hospital, or medical center, they owe you the duty to do their job correctly.

The Medical Care Provider Breached Their Duty Failing to Meet an Accepted Standard of Care

No matter what our job is, we're responsible to follow correct practice making correct decisions. In the medical profession, this is especially true. When determined that a medical professional acted in a way that made them breach this standard, it puts patients at serious risk.

The Child Was Injured from The Medical Facilities' Breach of Duty

There are injuries that are unavoidable and a natural part of the birth process. But in instances where the decisions made by medical professionals led to injury, this causes problems. It could be in a direct manner or even through prescribing medicine incorrectly.

The Child Suffered Damages as a Result of The Injury

If your child or the child of someone you know suffered damage this way, schedule a consultation today. The Biscontini Law Firm has professionals ready to examine your case and review options.



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