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If you are being sued by a debt collector in Pennsylvania, don’t go at it alone. You can rely on the Biscontini Law Firm for the assistance you need. Our experienced debt collection lawsuit defense lawyers know the laws and will always fight hard to protect your rights. With a legal hearing or proceeding looming now is the time to contact the Biscontini Law Firm.

After you contact us and decide to work with us, we will take the time to explain all your rights and then choose the best line of defense. We understand the unsettling feeling of being served with a debt collection lawsuit and it is often overwhelming. Our debt defense attorneys will use their real world knowledge and skills to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

I Just Received Legal Papers From a Debt Collector. What Should I Do?

When you miss multiple payments or fail to pay (known as a default) a credit card payment, auto loan, or other debt, the creditor may file a lawsuit in court seeking to collect payment. Generally, most lawsuits of this nature start with service of a summons and complaint often via service by a Sheriff, Process Server, Constable, or other Courier certified to serve legal documents. Once you receive these legal papers, you have approximately 30 days or sometimes less to respond. For this reason, it is very important to contact the Biscontini Law Firm right away.

If you fail to respond to the lawsuit, the court may enter a default judgment against you. This most times will become a matter of public record. When a default judgment is entered against you, the creditor can then take a number of steps such as Wage Garnishment, seizure of your bank accounts, and placing a lien (or interest) on your property. Time is of the essence, get in touch with our office, we can help. We have successfully defended many clients against big banks, credit card companies, and debt collection agencies.

If your debt has been sold to a collection agency, you have no choice but to deal with the agency. These collection agencies will often relentlessly contact you, your neighbors, your work, your family members, and sometimes other people you associate with on social media in an effort to speak to you regarding your debt. State and federal laws do protect you in a number of ways. Debt collectors may not harass you or anyone else, over the phone or through any other form of contact. You don’t have to put up with abuse. Our debt defense attorneys know how to stop the debtor harassment.

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