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While we try to avoid personal injury at all costs, accidents can happen at any time. This doesn’t mean you will be the one at fault. Attorney Peter J. Biscontini, Esquire is the Hazleton Personal Injury Lawyer you can trust to get you the justice and compensation you deserve in your personal injury case. Peter Biscontini has years of experience in several different types of cases on both sides and is ready to fight for you!

The team at the Biscontini Law Firm has successfully represented many clients with personal injuries ranging from:


What Actions Are Needed After Experiencing a Personal Injury in Hazleton?

It’s never convenient to experience an accident or personal injury. When accidents happen, it’s not always because of your actions, it could be due to the actions of others. If you or a loved one has been harmed at no fault of your own, you should begin setting up your claim immediately by following a few easy steps.

  • As soon as possible and you are able, write down as many details about the incident. It’s extremely important to this quickly and concisely to avoid forgetting certain events or missing pieces to the story. Be sure to include all the necessary information that can help your case. 
    • How were you injured?
    • What happened immediately afterward?
    • What the long-term results were (if any)? 
    • Any lost wages or continuing medical treatment.
  • Be sure to gather contact information from any person(s) who may have witnessed your accident or incident.
  • Keep notes from any conversations you’ve had with anyone else involved in the accident. This includes any police or doctor’s evaluations and reports.

Significant consequences can obviously come from any personal injury. These untimely events can leave victims with financial hardships, permanent disabilities, or even reduce someone's quality of life. The team at the Biscontini Law Firm can help get you justice, yet there are just some things lawsuits cannot repair. Pain, suffering, and other damages you or your loved ones have endured cannot always be reversed. A lawsuit, fought by a Hazleton personal injury lawyer, can help to cover the costs of untimely medical treatments.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Hazleton

Looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Hazleton PA? You will find that with Attorney Peter J. Biscontini, Esquire. He is experienced with Pennsylvania’s ever-changing laws and knows them inside and out with dealing with various different types of cases.

Many states have caps on the specific types of damages that an injured person can receive. Luckily, Pennsylvania’s constitution prohibits the limitation of damages in cases involving injury and death. The only limitation on damages is the state’s cap on punitive damages, which is two times the amount of actual damages.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured, contact the Biscontini Law Firm for a free consultation today at (570) 283-7777.

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