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We’re all aware of how many lawyers that are in the area. For instance, whether it’s commercials, radio, billboards, or other ways, it’s not hard to find lawyers in Wilkes Barre PA. However, just because there’s a wide selection, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a good choice. Since some of these larger law firms have so many clients, how is it possible for you to always get the attention of their top people? The short answer is, most often you’re not getting the partners at these firms.

The Cases Our Lawyers in Wilkes Barre PA Help With

Personal Injury

Altogether, we’re pretty sure that no matter where your travels end up taking you, accidents are going to happen. Furthermore, in the event injury happens, there are lawyers in Wilkes Barre PA at the Biscontini Law Firm ready to take your case. However, how much damage you get as a result of your injury is capped depending on where the incident occurs.

As a result, Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Constitution forbids limits on damages in cases that involve an injury and/or death. So, no matter how extensive the damage was, you may be entitled to the compensation you deserve. Previously, the Biscontini Law Firm has represented clients with injuries that were the result of:

  • Car Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Tractor Trailer Trucking Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Slip & Fall
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Product Defects

Workers Compensation

Unquestionably, when you’re at work, your employer is responsible for your safety & well-being. Consequently, when an injury occurs at your job, the employer is responsible for your care. As you can see, from the employer’s perspective, medical bills and other related costs can get quite expensive. So, employers will do whatever they can to watch their bottom line.

In addition, Pennsylvania’s workers' compensation laws change constantly & can be quite difficult to stay versed with. Likewise, since there is a lot of money on the line, your employer will make sure they have a lawyer that will protect their interests. It’s only right that you have a qualified lawyer to protect yours.

Medical Malpractice

Above all, one of the great things about people working in the medical profession is that they take it upon themselves to care for you. However, there are cases where these employees fail to live up to the high standard they need to. This can include but not be limited to the following:

  • Prescribing Medicine Incorrectly
  • Offering Incorrect Medical Advice
  • Directly Causing Your Patient Harm As a Result of Your Treatment

As a result, some of these crucial mistakes can cause injury or death. Unfortunately, these medical malpractice cases happen more often than you would imagine. For instance, there were 13 verdicts in Pennsylvania in 2017 where the plaintiff was awarded over $500,000 in compensation. Above all, your health & well-being is the most important thing to take care of. However, if you’ve been affected, you deserve the compensation you request. Hiring lawyers in Wilkes Barre PA is an important first step towards accomplishing this.

Why The Best Lawyers in Wilkes Barre PA are at The Biscontini Law Firm

Finally, you see just how important it is to hire the best lawyers in Wilkes Barre PA when you need legal advice. In addition, most other big law firms may not guarantee that you get to work directly with their firm’s best lawyer. So, how can you guarantee your interests are taken seriously by the firm. Fortunately, at the Biscontini Law Firm, we have our firm’s top partner ready to review your case.

Attorney Peter J. Biscontini has fought on behalf of regular folks and insurance companies. Furthermore, he understands what strategies need to be acted on in order for you to get the result you want. In addition, he has been recognized by Super Lawyers, has a 10.0 Avvo Top Attorney rating, & has been named to the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40 Lawyers in Pennsylvania list. So, you should schedule your free consultation with us today.



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workers compensation

workers compensation

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medical malpractice

medical malpractice

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